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Celebrating with you


  Door Sign Push         

Acrylic Sign


  Door Sign Pull         

   SG-OPEN/CLOSE     Door Sign Open/close         


         No Smoking Sign         

Acrylic Stand


    9 X 7 cm Acrylic Stand

        For Name Card


    12 X 18 cm Acrylic Stand


    21 X 29.7 cm Acrylic Stand

  ACRYLIC-ST-75X55        75 X 55 cm


   ACRYLIC-ST-95X60        95 X 60 cm                 25PCS/BOX

   ACRYLIC-ST-100X65    100 X 65 cm    ACRYLIC-ST-180X65    180 X 65cm


                        Acrylic Stand

PVC Thick Card  Case Acrylic Stand


    A3 Pvc Thick Card Case



    A5 Pvc Thick Card Case



    A4 Pvc Thick Card Case



    A6 Pvc Name Card Holder



    B8 Pvc Card Case 10 Pages



  B8 Pvc Card Case 4 Pages



      B9 Pvc Card Case       100PCS/PKT


   Pvc Name Card 2 pages       50PCS/PKT


            Name Tag Clip         100PCS/BOX


     Name Badge With Clip         50PCS/BOX


  Lanyard StringFor  Name Tag         100PCS/BAG


  Yoyo String ForName Tag         50PCS/BOX


     H-22U Name Tag holder         Vertical 6.5 X 8.5 CM           50PCS/PKT


     H-45 Name Tag holder         Vertical 9 X 11 CM           50PCS/PKT


     H-45 Name Tag holder     Horizontal 12 X 8 CM           50PCS/PKT

PVC Name Tag & Badge


   Pvc Roll For Book Covering             20roll/BAG


        54” Long  Pvc Roll    



     H-33U Name Tag holder          Horizontal 10 X 7 CM           50PCS/PKT


      Name Tag Holder Colour

         Horzontal 7.5X9.5cm           50PCS/PKT